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Welcome to Fine Art by Eva, where Magical artistry takes shape. For a current selection of paintings for sale please click our products page above. If you have any questions or would like to speak directly to someone please contact our curator at (708) 574-1039 or by email at fineartbyeva@gmail.com.

Raw, Instinctual, and completely experimental is the expression of what I believe is the great subconscious mind. I am always curious to find more personal symbolism. Like looking in the mirror in the mystical eye of the canvas… see what you will. There is no need for words, for what can only be felt on the out of the ordinary canvas. So let the transcending light speakeasy. Celebrate a spiritual cry, fifth-dimensional introspection, unleashed marbling works reminding us of the medium’s own power. I always come back to losing myself to a trance with color and larger forms. My constant urge is to create, it is my affliction. Profoundly meaningful, I treat my process with a bit of awe and more respect. It reveals the magical ethereal world in which I am only the medium’s tool or merely the materials. Who am I, I ask. The expression, a translation, the understanding of a misunderstanding, beauty and chaos, creative hunger, beyond sight, the experimental space for mystery emanating from love.

Please support creative ambitions so that freedom is ours to expand conscious minds and lives and open doors to better understanding of the human soul. Insurgent visionary of my own kind, I believe reality transcends fiction… we are beings of light taking form to express the form of our own thoughts via Art. I am driven by the desire to decode the subconscious expression through paintings and understand myself on a deeper level and want to share the beauty I have found here. Mine is a gift to all who care to find it.

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