Forgive us

by Eva sunshine

Out of proportion self adoration

the battle is never won

never  won alone

helpless defeat left us jaded

regretful cynicism, only demented

woke the creepiest monsters

wasted time in the suffering of old shadows

surrendering to a lost lover

must I forever suffer

merciless insanity of a tormented soul

mischievous or out of control

this time on my own

fell victim to slumber, to a dream I could no longer remember

so don’t tell me why our ills are to blame

it’s not over

forgive us at once  

we were one in a trance  

fell to shame, lost to the game

we were one to the dance

I remain bold and strong

still standing with a half smile

we were one all along

wasted a delicate love

waiting for the sign

serendipity falls on you

wishing it was true

leaving us further behind

crying my heart out for one

a bitter sweet fantasy leading to you

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