Raw, instinctual and experimental expression of what I believe is a great subconscious mind… Like for all my abstract paintings, I leave it to your own imaginative interpretation…I am always curious to find more personal symbolism, like looking in my own mirror, in the mystical eye of my canvas. See what you will there is no need for words for what can only be felt on the out of ordinary canvas…So let the transcending light speak easy.

Celebrate the spiritual cry, fifth dimensional personal introspection of unleashed marbling work, reminding you of the medium’s own power hanging on one of your walls, embellishing your rooms for incalculable tomorrows. Please support creative ambitions so that freedom is ours to expand conscient minds and lives and to open doors to better understanding of the human soul via the mystical, organic and self-reflecting abstract impressionism…Insurgent of my own kind, I believe reality transcends fiction, we are beings of light taking form to express the form of our thoughts via art. I’m driven by the desire to decode the subconscious expression through paintings hence know and understand myself on this plane on a deeper level and I want to share the beauty I found there. Mine is a gift to all the Ones who care to find it… Intuitive, inventive, the artist’s journey is my own cliché. Revealing the colors of my soul, I’m back to losing myself in a trance with large forms. My constant urge is to create, it is my affliction, profoundly meaningful. I treat my process with a bit of awe and more respect, believing in the power of my work to sometimes reveal the magical ethereal world in which I am only the artistic medium or merely the “materials’ tool”. Who am I? I asked. The expression, a translation, the understanding of a misunderstanding. Beauty in chaos, creative hunger, beyond sight, the experimental space for mystery, emanating from love.

Dear Marbling Art lovers,

I am a self-taught painter. I first got into art as a hobby and caught the insane painter bug. I just constantly had to create more novel work and got bigger and better with time.

“Phenomenal Art is truly mystical, it shows what can not be expressed with words”

My art journey began in LA’s distant valley and has been more than a decade’s journey to make a big splash in the Chicago Art Scene. I told myself I would remain an experimental artist and with a lot of hard work and practice, I have grown astronomically and let the canvas speak to me.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my uniquely stylish and promising new form of abstract art called “Marbling”. Fluid and rich in form and texture, with a reflective gloss finish, that’s Magic at it’s finest quality. My pieces are powerfully informative with symbolism, they are my escape from reality yet also express my reality at once.

I also enjoy many other expressive artforms  poetry, singing/songwriting, hand drumming, stand-up comedy, the performing arts and the healing arts.

Some Comments and Anonymous Reviews:

“Breakthrough in the art world”

“I love it!”


“Enchanting, Luminous”

“Screams of Elegance and Luxury”

“Mesmerizing !!!”

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


E Artist