Eva Sunshine

Dear Marbling Art Work Lovers,

I am a self-taught painter. I first got into art as a hobby when I was younger and caught the insane painter bug. I just constantly have to create more novel work and get bigger and better with the seasons.

“Phenomenal Art is Truly Mystical”

My art journey began in LA’s distant valley and has been more than a decade’s journey to make a big splash in the Chicago Art Scene. I told myself I would remain an experimental artist and with a lot of hard work and practice, I have grown astronomically and let the canvas speak to me.

“Please Buy My Art Before I Die”

I appreciate the opportunity to share a promising new form of stylish abstract art called “Marbling” Impressionism at its finest. Fluid and Rich in texture, with a reflective gloss finish that’s Indigo Magic on the finest quality canvases. My pieces are powerful visually informative art and are my escape from reality.

“My Precious Trophies…. Now on Sale”

Amongst art, I also enjoy poetry, singing/songwriting, hand drumming, and yoga healing arts.

“For RabbitFace”

Some Comments and Anonymous Reviews:

“Breakthrough in the art world”

“I love it!”


“Enchanting, Luminous”

“Screams of Elegance and Luxury”

“Mesmerized !!!”

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you soon.